Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange To Offer Crypto Insurance

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange To Offer Crypto Insurance

December 11, 2018 11:37 PM

The policy will insure hot and cold wallets and all forms of professional indemnity.

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) will begin providing insurance for digital assets stored on its platform, according to a December 10 announcement on the exchange’s website.

Per the announcement, the GBX has finalized the drafting of an insurance policy in collaboration with Gibraltar-based Callaghan Insurance, which will be responsible for administering the policy.

The policy will insure digital assets listed on the GBX exchange and will cover both cold wallets (stored offline) and hot wallets (stored online). The announcement also states that “the new insurance coverage…covers all forms of professional indemnity.”

For those readers unfamiliar with professional indemnity insurance, it provides insurance coverage for certain professionals who allegedly provide inadequate services to their clients/customers. The insurance covers legal costs and expenses in defending claims such as malpractice, breach of duties, and professional negligence. It is unclear to what extent such coverage will benefit the average customer with digital assets stored on the exchange, and the announcement fails to go into further detail.

The GBX recently obtained full regulatory approval from the Gibraltar Financial Service Commission by receiving a “Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT license).” But, outside the island, it is far from the first financial services company to provide its clients with digital asset insurance.

In August, Reuters reported that cryptocurrency storage platform Kingdom Trust had acquired cryptocurrency insurance coverage through long-established insurance provider Lloyds of London to protect its customers against “theft and destruction of those assets.”

Additionally, in October, the head of risk at Gemini, Yusuf Hussain, announced that the exchange was going to insure funds held in wallets stored online as such wallets were more vulnerable to theft.

(The GBX was unavailable for comment by press time.)

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Source: Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange To Offer Crypto Insurance

New Nimbus-T Telegram Channel.

New Nimbus-T Telegram Channel.

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Cutting​ into​ cost​ growth​ without​ an​ ACO

Cutting​ into​ cost​ growth​ without​ an​ ACO

Photo Getty Images

Mohawk Industries, a flooring manufacturer with roughly 21,000 U.S. employees, has achieved a level of success in its wellness activities that would make most employers envious.  The company, based in the northwest Georgia town of Calhoun, currently self-insures about 32,000 people— staffers and their dependents. Mohawk has limited its total medical spending growth to an average of 2% per year for the past eight years. It has done so with closely managed on-site medical clinics, without creating a narrow network of providers and also without an accountable care organization.