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Secure Digital Identity on the blockchain.  A digital platform to build on where logistics and documentation are the hallmark of our distributed ledger.  Our coin will be ERC20 compliant and will look to transform healthcare payments and security. Our technology has just been approved by the US Patent Office for issuance.

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New Nimbus-T Telegram Channel.

New Nimbus-T Telegram Channel.

Nimbus-T Global GmbH (Switzerland) is focused on secure identity management and blockchain solutions for healthcare.  On-boarding of patients and doctors to a new platform that will provide a security token called a Nimbus-Key, an encrypted global Identity credential that will link to other identity credentials while protecting them.  As you know, your medical records are in different locations, many locations, each with a different ID and some being duplicated.  Integrity of data entry into the healthcare record is critical for your own safety.  Use cases for our security solutions are focused on secure on-boarding for clinical trials, hospital systems and ACOs, health plans, universities and self-insured employers.

Nimbus-T TokenWe are working on a coming ICO for a Nimbus-T token (NT) a ERC-20 compliant token on the Ethereum platform.

Nimbus-T token and Nimbus-Key system will change healthcare delivery and payment dramatically!  Peer to peer payments without an intermediary.  Imagine the increased efficiency and how we can do away with “paperwork”.  Image being able to tell any healthcare system or provider that you want a copy of your medical record so that you can securely store it yourself on our Nimbus-T Medical Vault?

Also, please note, Nimbus-T inc (USA) is our company developing secure identity management solutions around the Nimbus-Key Platform.  We are devoted to protecting you from fraud and abuse.  Your identity should always be secure and protected.

GDPR or the new EU security standards are so important and we applaud the development.  We are working on a “permissions engine” that will allow for compliance of medical access to health  information for clinical trials and other uses that are deemed appropriate.

Telegram logoWe are now launching our New Nimbus-T Telegram Channel.  Please join us!

A new revolution in healthcare is coming and you can be part of it.

Nimbus-T Will Be At The European Oncology Convention- June 6&7 2018

Nimbus-T Will Be At The European Oncology Convention- June 6&7 2018

6th & 7th June 2018 – ExCeL London – The European Oncology Convention Booth 3002

We had a great event in London and look forward to connecting with companies that expressed interest in our technology. Check out our Nimbus-T Telegram Channel:

The European Oncology Convention is Europe’s leading trade event for oncology professionals. The show has an unparalleled line-up of expert-led seminars, interactive workshops and cutting-edge exhibitors showcasing the industry’s most state-of-the-art technologies used to study and treat cancer. Visitors get the unique opportunity to not only see the latest systems and technologies shaping the future of oncology diagnosis and treatment, but can also connect with their visionary creators under one roof.Taking place at ExCeL, London on 6th & 7th June 2018, the event is completely free to attend. To book your free tickets go to: or call 0117 930 4927.

Nimbus-T presents our Nimbus-Key platform that unifies the multitude of patient data across the healthcare spectrum through secure identity management and authentication empowered by blockchain.

The Nimbus-T App brings convenience for the users, better diagnostics, time and cost savings to providers, minimizes errors and prevents ID breaches.

Whereas, most IAM providers are focused on enterprise solutions, we are focused on inter-enterprise healthcare solutions that bind medical IDs with our patent pending Nimbus-Key Platform.

We are currently focused on assisting the clinical trials community with identity management, medical records aggregation, serial consents and secure prescriptions.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at this amazing event.


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Securities regulators seek Google ad ban on cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings – The Globe and Mail

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